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There are many options for accommodations in Mysore. Those who would like to save money can find very affordable rooms and those who would like to have 5 star accommodations can find those as well. Generally houses and "homestays" are nicer than the cheaper hotels. It is easy to book over the internet and it is sometimes possible to find bargain prices on the 5 star hotels. Our retreat will be towards the end of the high season. It is a good idea to book in advance.

For 5 Star Hotels:

Southern Star

Metropole Hotel

Windflower Resort

Radison Blu

For 3 star Hotels:

Facebook Group Foreign Students Market

Gayatri Apartments  (very clean comfortable rooms close to the venue)


Many people prefer to get a taxi from Bangalore to Mysore, especially if they arrive in the middle of the night. This usually costs around Rs. 3000. A little more if you use AC. There are lots of cab companies. Here are a few of them. It is possible to get a cam on the spot at the airport but you will save money by booking in advance, especially if you arrive at some terrible hour of the night as we often do. There are buses to Mysore nearly every minute of the day, some of them from the Airport.

Savaari Taxi

Ola Cab

Goibibo Cab

There are buses to Mysore nearly every minute of the day, some of them from the Airport.

Trains leave from Bangalore train station which is roughly an hour from the airport. Some trains are very fast and luxurious. Click here for info

- Uber works very well in Mysore and is often the same price as rickshaws and more reliable.

- Occasionally people say the rooms that looked great in photos turn out to be not so nice.

- If you book a room in a house and arrive in the night be super careful to make sure you have the correct address and that someone will let you into your room when you arrive.

- A lot of rooms get listed on Facebook groups such as


Mysore Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Community

- India is cleaner and more modern than ever before...but it is still India! Avoid eating street food or drinking fresh juices etc for at least the first few days if you have never been to India before.

- We are here to help! If you have questions let us know. We will try to help you have the best and most comfortable stay in Mysore that we can.


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